[Vwdiesel] Tranny Oil---> stick with redline

Matthew mpteleski at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 12:02:18 EST 2006

Mike et al. 

I would stick with Redline MT-90 tranny fluid for
manual trannies like a bus. I think on a fwd vehicle
you need Redline MTL, but not totally sure on that.
For how often we replace our tranny fluid, having good
stuff is cheap insurance as a rebuild is often in the
neighborhood of thousand bucks.


> Thanks for the info, and the dealer # - has anyone
> used Amsoil's gear 
> oil? I'd like to go with a synthetic gear oil for
> both my van and the 
> Jetta, and naturally am looking for the 'cheapest
> and best', I'veonly 
> read about Red-line products so far.
> Mike

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