[Vwdiesel] What? Head Gasket Okay!?

William Longyard longyard at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 1 02:00:24 EDT 2006

Yes James, I was going up a long grade in top gear, 70mph.  Now that I 
examine the head closely, it looks like there's a crack between the intake 
and exhaust valves on the no. 2 cylinder.  The edge of the piston is melted 

I need a head, I think, and a 1.6 na piston, I know.

Bill Longyard

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> sounds like it overheated.
> head warpage can loosen bolts.  check the head for flatness.  consult your 
> manual, it will have specs for that.
> 1981 may have poor coolant flow through rad by this age, might have been 
> dosed up with plug-em-all-up rad sealer to get it sold...  any number of 
> things.
> you're all new to the diesel thing, right?
> Weren't going up a long grade in top gear by any chance, were you?
> -James
> William Longyard wrote:
>> Please help me understand what happened:
>> I just bought an 81 caddy 1.6 na.  Driving it home 600 miles and after 
>> about 300 suddenly I smell antifreeze, the car slows down gradually to 55 
>> and I pull over.  Opening the hood I see the overflow tank bubbling like 
>> mad, and I THINK I see a bit of oil coming out from the back side of the 
>> head.  My assumption was blown head gasket.
>> I finally got the head off tonight and I can find NO crack or gap in the 
>> head gasket.  I did notice that only three of the head bolts were on 
>> super tight.  Another four were on very snug and three were easy to get 
>> off.
>> Looking down into the bores I found that number two cylinder has a slight 
>> rounded gouged area on the firewall side of it, and the bore itself is 
>> smeared with some aluminum.  The rest of the bore seems to have some 
>> white crystal substance sprinkled around it.
>> Please tell me what to do next, and what caused this!  I'm sure I'm into 
>> a new piston, and rings for No. 2, but what other damage may be done?
>> Thanks for any help.
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