[Vwdiesel] Turbodiesel pistons and other parts

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Thu Oct 5 21:47:42 EDT 2006

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> I'm looking at going turbo conversion on an Audi 5-cylinder engine. 
> Since it's presently naturally aspirated, I need to replace pistons, 
> connecting rods at the very least (Since I will be tapping it for oil 
> jets at the bottom).

  I know why but why?  If you don't have a milling maching you're not likely
going to drill those jet mounts properly and even then my experience on the 
1.6 has been that there's no material in the NA engine that you'd need to 
mount them.  You'd need to drill into the oil gallery, drill and ream a cm or 

so of the hole to size for the jet, mill off a flat surface for it to mount 
on and 
then drill and tap the bolt hole all x 5.  It'll run without them just keep 
temps to 800 to 900F and put your money into a big exhaust to get the 
excess heat out of there.  :-)

> Where do you dieselers look to get your 1.6 turbo pistons and whatnot? 
> I've poked around, but most all of what I can find is "Non-Turbo" noted 
> and I /know/ there are differences between the two.
> My thanks and gratitude in advance,

  Difference is the notches to clear the cooling jets.  My suppler 
mentioned once, way back when TD pistons weren't available, that 
one of their customers bought NA pistons and had the notch machined 
into them then rebalanced.

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