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David J Hatzenbuhler hatzie at fuse.net
Sun Oct 8 16:28:10 EDT 2006

In deference to the people who say to use a good quality flare wrench 
sometimes even good quality flare wrenches ( I have good Snap ON wrenches) 
will not do the job when the fittings are really rusted in place.

Since you are replacing the Metal line cut it off even with the fitting. 
You now have a nut that a socket will fit on.

Unscrew the flexible line from the caliper and slip a 6 point box wrench 
over the hose down to the fitting against the body.

Spray the whole mess with PB Blaster and leave it for a couple hours.

Using a 6 point socket that fits the stub left from the metal line unscrew 
it from the flex line. Make sure the socket swallows the entire fitting and 
it fits VERY tight.  Sometimes this means that you'll need to use a slightly 
smaller SAE socket on that really rusty Metric fitting and hammer it down 
the last 2mm.

Failing that I have cut off the fitting with a grinder and replaced the flex 
line and spring steel keeper as well.
Slobber some Anti-Seize in the threads for the next poor soul who has to do 
this...  It could be you.

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> I have a '89 jetta . I need to replace the brake line on the drivers side
> just before the flex hose .
> What's the trick to remove it - Im starting to round off the nut nad I 
> don't
> want to do that.
> Thanks Jeff
> Jeff Rakús

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