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82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 12:18:59 EDT 2006

Sounds like you still have air in lines issue.  If the
pump worked fine before.  You could have bumbed a line
and now you are getting air from the tank line.

You say you can not get it to run if you put a coffee
can of fuel in the inbound side, suck it up and
through the pump with your bulb on the outbound side?

That rules out air in the fuel lines, could have small
amount of air in the pump, fill the banjo in and out
holes as well.  If still does not run, humm.

TD pump should run fine, just put a plug over the
aneroid boost hole.


--- Finn Rod <dubdeesel at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Me again...
> So if I put a 1987 turbo pump onto an 1988 NA engine
> what is likely to happen...
> If it runs, is going to trash it or will I be able
> to
> drive around for a few weeks...
> The problem on the NA..
> I've got an outboard bulb sucking on the return line
> to prime the pump...
> Turn it over, doesn't start and a 2" air "bubble"??
> runs back up the fuel "in" line when it stops
> turning
> over ... (I've also tried disconnecting from the
> filter and using a can of diesel instead)
> Is there a return valve in there that's getting
> stuck??
> Anyway, I havn't tried hitting it with a lump hammer
> yet, but soon...
> Pump was OK before I took it off but if I got a bit
> of
> air in there it was a real.... to start... Happend a
> couple of times, once ran out of fuel and gelling...
> Needed a long tow in the end.
> Any thoughts... Thanks.. 
> rod of finland
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