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Wed Oct 11 20:49:01 EDT 2006

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dubdeesel at yahoo.com writes:

> So if I put a 1987 turbo pump onto an 1988 NA engine
> what is likely to happen...
> If it runs, is going to trash it or will I be able to
> drive around for a few weeks...
> The problem on the NA..
> I've got an outboard bulb sucking on the return line
> to prime the pump...
> Turn it over, doesn't start and a 2" air "bubble"??
> runs back up the fuel "in" line when it stops turning
> over ... (I've also tried disconnecting from the
> filter and using a can of diesel instead)
> Is there a return valve in there that's getting
> stuck??

  If the pump is good then it should run just fine.  Just be sure to 
time it for the pump not the engine (1.0mm?)  The boost 
enrchment won't be active since you'll have no pressure even 
available to go in the hose and push on the aneroid.  Off boost 
fueling should be similar to about any other pump set up for the 
same size of engine.  :-)
  Sounds like you have a leak on the return side.  Might be one of 
the washers from the return banjo or the return hose is brittle and 
crackedd a bit when you pulled the pump.  The small injector return 
hoses could easily leak as well...

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