[Vwdiesel] What makes an injector stick and make a sound like you have bl...

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Fri Oct 13 22:51:09 EDT 2006

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> So, what is going on in there to make this happen?
> Next time it happens, it there any harm in letting the
> motor run this way until I can get the motor cover off
> and try to pin point which one is doing it so I can
> have it taken apart and inspected or fixed?

The most common cause of a stuck injector is that some particulate may become 
lodged on the seat of the injector keeping the injector open and so fuel 
squirts as soon as the pump starts pushing fuel at that injector.  It is my 
understanding that it is potentially extremely harmful to the motor due to the 
combination of streaming fuel and a very advanced timing on that cylinder.  The 
potential is the potential of melting the piston top or head prechamber.  If it 
has happened more than once I would very much suspect either poor fuel 
filtration at some point or water that made it past the seperator and so perhaps rust 
particulate is in the pump or injectors.  


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