[Vwdiesel] hesitation

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Oct 14 21:31:59 EDT 2006

  First thing is to check the "clear" (usually a dirty brown by now) 
fuel line from the filter to the IP for bubbles.  If that's good then 
how long since you replaced the fuel filter?  If that's ok then blow 
back through the supply line to see if it's plugged or to clear it.  
  It sounds like a shortage of fuel which is either restricted flow 
or air leaking in.  The little outlet hole in the "OUT" banjo can also 
plug or partially plug.

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jwchou at yahoo.com writes:

> Few weeks ago I noticed that cruising at about 45-50mph my 81 Rabbit diesel
> with 125000 miles would hesitate a little then surge forward. Above or below
> that speed it seems to hold the speed steady. Yesterday the situation got
> really worse. Now from a start up at first gear after releasing the clutch 
> it
> would just not accelerate at all for about a second or two then surges 
> forward.
> This happen at all 4 gears right after shifting with first gear being the
> worst. People behind almost rear ended it few times in this no patience LA
> area. Any suggestion for the possible causes and remedies? Is there anything 
> on
> IP I can make adjustment? The engine doesn't smoke and it starts right up 
> every
> time. I had the IP pump idle shaft seal replaced due to leaking few months
> back. I wonder if that upsetted something. Also, I get about 37 mpg on 
> normal
> city/hwy driving before this happens, is that normal with 4 speed trans?
> Thanks.
> Jeremy 

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