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Might also be the accelerator cable binding up and then pulling.  But  
I agree with Loren check your filter.  I just went through a similar  
problem with my 98 Jetta TDI.  I would stumble on acceleration and  
almost die during full acceleration.  I was changing the oil when I  
notice from my own service records that the filter had been on the  
car 35000 miles.  they are supposed to be changed every 20000.  I had  
noticed lots of bubbles in the line just before this problem  
happened.  Anyway, new filter, no problem AND my mpg has  
improved!!!!  Hayden

On Oct 14, 2006, at 8:31 PM, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   First thing is to check the "clear" (usually a dirty brown by now)
> fuel line from the filter to the IP for bubbles.  If that's good then
> how long since you replaced the fuel filter?  If that's ok then blow
> back through the supply line to see if it's plugged or to clear it.
>   It sounds like a shortage of fuel which is either restricted flow
> or air leaking in.  The little outlet hole in the "OUT" banjo can also
> plug or partially plug.
>      Loren
> In a message dated 10/14/2006 6:27:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> jwchou at yahoo.com writes:
>> Few weeks ago I noticed that cruising at about 45-50mph my 81  
>> Rabbit diesel
>> with 125000 miles would hesitate a little then surge forward.  
>> Above or below
>> that speed it seems to hold the speed steady. Yesterday the  
>> situation got
>> really worse. Now from a start up at first gear after releasing  
>> the clutch
>> it
>> would just not accelerate at all for about a second or two then  
>> surges
>> forward.
>> This happen at all 4 gears right after shifting with first gear  
>> being the
>> worst. People behind almost rear ended it few times in this no  
>> patience LA
>> area. Any suggestion for the possible causes and remedies? Is  
>> there anything
>> on
>> IP I can make adjustment? The engine doesn't smoke and it starts  
>> right up
>> every
>> time. I had the IP pump idle shaft seal replaced due to leaking  
>> few months
>> back. I wonder if that upsetted something. Also, I get about 37  
>> mpg on
>> normal
>> city/hwy driving before this happens, is that normal with 4 speed  
>> trans?
>> Thanks.
>> Jeremy
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