[Vwdiesel] IP Pumps, runaway revs and blow by.

Justin and Michella Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Sun Oct 15 17:25:20 EDT 2006

What are you using as fuel conditioner.  My 79 Rabbit would act like 
this if I used Power Service fuel additive.  It would act like it had a 
throttle hold open solenoid.  My experience with run aways in the 79 
doesn't match what you are describing.   With my engine there was a lot 
of blowby and it wasn't a steady high rpm it was an uncontrolled 
acceleration condition.  The only way to keep the engine from 
accelerating thru redline was to stand on the brake without engaging the 
clutch.  Once it was below a certain rpm (no tach) it would run normally. 

> .
> Runaway is caused by oil blowing back into the intake
> and feeding the engine... caused by bad rings 
> or bad stem seals allowing oil to run back into the
> cylinder...
> I've got a bit of blue smoke from the exhaust which
> seems to disappear (at idle) when it's warmed up...
> Nothing blowing from the dipstick and nothing really
> visible blowing from the vent on the cam cover when I
> disconnect the hose, (it has got a baffle) If I stick
> my finger over it, it comes up black. Smells a bit
> like burning oil... Less blow at higher revs. Exhaust
> is "dry"
> Don't know how long the engine has been sitting on a
> pallet, could be over a year...
> So far it's run long enough to warm up twice... driven
> about 3 miles, starts beautifully...
> But, if I rev it, even immeadiatly after starting, it
> won't come back to idle... the revs stay high (sounds
> like cruising speed I guess??) even blipping the
> throttle doesn't bring them down or change them at
> all. Pulling the throttle lever back hard against the
> stop increases the revs slightly... Revs are
> constant...
> Disconnecting the breather makes no changes...

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