[Vwdiesel] MAF life

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 15 22:46:31 EDT 2006

You do know you can run it with the MAF unplugged and restore 90% of the


S. Shourds wrote:
> It seemed like the TDI was gradually slowing down lately and next thing 
> I know, it's barely keeping up with traffic and getting passed on hills 
> (this is Dallas, so that's not saying as much as it might elsewhere).  I 
> changed the air filter, cleaned the dirt, paper scraps, etc. out of the 
> snow screen then broke down and did the VAG-COM MAF check.  Sure enough, 
> it's the dreaded warp field collapse.  The MAF is completely dead.  It's 
> only got 50,000 miles on it.  I'd somehow thought that they were 
> supposed to last longer than that.  Is that really what everyone's been 
> getting out of them?
> The good things are:  they are down to $90 now (volume discount); it 
> wasn't a clogged intake manifold which, while a free repair, is 
> time-consuming and nasty to do; and it didn't blow the head, which every 
> other part failure from the belt to the tail light gasket seems to do to 
> me. 
> In the mean time, I guess I'll not be doing any speeding....
> -Shalyn
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