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Matt matt_lisa at sprynet.com
Tue Oct 17 22:45:17 EDT 2006

I've run with a bad MAF.  I've also run with it unplugged.  What  
power there is I would hardly call performance.  At the very best, it  
crawls.  Putting a new MAF on it is the only real answer.  I've also  
heard tons of horror stories about using the 2.0 MAF in place of the  
TDI one.  I've heard everything from 'it works great!' to 'I'm  
smoking like a chimney!'  Basically, it's best to just get the right  

They have remanufactured TDI MAF's all over the place for $80.  I  
purchased my last one at the dealer for $144.  It was a new revision,  
and had added protection for the sensor.  It looked like it just  
might hold up a little longer than the older ones do.  We'll see.  In  
any case, I have a 12 month warranty on it, so it should fail in  
precisely 366 days.

Once you replace the MAF, the car starts feeling like a rocket.  It's  
amazing how different it is when the parts are actually working right.

There's my two pennies on the subject.  Get the right part for the  
right job.


On Oct 15, 2006, at 8:46 PM, gary wrote:

> You do know you can run it with the MAF unplugged and restore 90%  
> of the
> performance.
> -Gary
> S. Shourds wrote:
>> It seemed like the TDI was gradually slowing down lately and next  
>> thing
>> I know, it's barely keeping up with traffic and getting passed on  
>> hills
>> (this is Dallas, so that's not saying as much as it might  
>> elsewhere).  I
>> changed the air filter, cleaned the dirt, paper scraps, etc. out  
>> of the
>> snow screen then broke down and did the VAG-COM MAF check.  Sure  
>> enough,
>> it's the dreaded warp field collapse.  The MAF is completely  
>> dead.  It's
>> only got 50,000 miles on it.  I'd somehow thought that they were
>> supposed to last longer than that.  Is that really what everyone's  
>> been
>> getting out of them?
>> The good things are:  they are down to $90 now (volume discount); it
>> wasn't a clogged intake manifold which, while a free repair, is
>> time-consuming and nasty to do; and it didn't blow the head, which  
>> every
>> other part failure from the belt to the tail light gasket seems to  
>> do to
>> me.
>> In the mean time, I guess I'll not be doing any speeding....
>> -Shalyn
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