[Vwdiesel] HELP! fried starter solenoid

82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 10:39:23 EDT 2006

Rolf, I had a similar issue with my 1.9na.  1.6na or
td, all the same starter for vanagon.

The braided copper wire from solenoid to start coil
that never breaks or gets brittle, well it got brittle
on mine and was giving me intermittent starting.  Turn
key, click, nothing.  Do it 5 times and it starts,
sometime have to wait a minute.  Weather did effect
it, so that brittle wire was the cause, then it broke
when I touched it last.
I had taken the dam starter out 2 months ago when this
first happened, it was a Bosch re-man, hardly any time
on it, looked brand new.  Took it to the local starter
guy, he puts it on the bench, it works every time.  I
say, what about the frail looking copper braided wire,
Oh, NO, that is not your problem....
So, I call another starter place to see if they can
replace the wire, he says No, that is welded to the
starter motor coil field, they should never get
brittle and break, you have a problem with the
So, got another re-man Bosch starter from Autohaus AZ
for $160

Burns me up for sure.

--- Rolf Pechukas <rbp at 4u2bu.org> wrote:

> 93 Eurovan diesel
> not sure exactly what's going on
> couple weeks ago I had some kind of short from
> ignition switch to  
> starter relay in panel
> wire was getting hot, meltin insulation, smoking
> some guys suggested worn brushes in starter (starter
> was new Bosch  
> rebuild 1 yr ago)
> I decided to bypass ignition switch and relay -
> installed a manual  
> starter switch from battery directly to starter
> solenoid
> this worked great until today
> now no matter what I do I can't get anything to
> happen at starter  
> solenoid
> even direct line from battery - WITH battery charger
> attached - gives  
> nothing
> starter does not even lurch or try to turn over once
> I see very weak spark where wire touches solenoid
> contact, nothing more
> is this possibly the heavy braided postive lead from
> battery to  
> solenoid?
> rainy day affect things?
> any thoughts apprec
> thanks
> -- 
> Rolf in MA
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