[Vwdiesel] Rear Shoulder Belts in a Rabbit

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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I can't imagine it's all that hard. I'd probably use them out of a 4K, since 
I've parted a few and have them laying around. I'd even do the center in a 
Jetta, just for fun. Cut off the mount from the wheel well and weld it into 
the rabbit. You are going to have to make sure the mount on the pollar is 
strong, so maybe weld up some strap steel for this along with the nut to 
screw the pivot into. Also, You may consider some adjustable ones like a 16V 
jetta front, since you are already going through the trouble. This may also 
be easier too since they use two bolts to mount instead of one, to spread 
the pressure out. The latches that match are just a bolt in and out deal, so 
simple enough. Just make sure you use ones that are compatible. IOW, the 
seatbelt from a 1987 Jetta will not latch into the rabbit factory latches. 
Look at the shape of the latch, and you will understand why.

Tony Hoffman

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> So I've been googling through the archives and newsgroups looking for
> info on retrofitting shoulder belts into the rear of my '84 Rabbit.
> I found a few previous threads of people who were interested in doing
> so.  But I didn't find anybody saying that they succeeded or failed in
> their attempts:
> Person attempting to retrofit into '86 Golf:
> http://groups.google.com/group/rec.autos.vw/tree/browse_frm/thread/8f13696a24f82926/f4372502975227da?rnum=1&hl=en&q=vw+shoulder+belt+retrofit&_done=%2Fgroup%2Frec.autos.vw%2Fbrowse_frm%2Fthread%2F8f13696a24f82926%2Ff4372502975227da%3Ftvc%3D1%26q%3Dvw+shoulder+belt+retrofit%26hl%3Den%26#doc_f4372502975227da
> Person attempting to retrofit '84 GTI:
> http://groups.google.com/group/rec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled/tree/browse_frm/thread/5f9e7df48ec07f40/d56fa6cb0a4083b4?rnum=1&hl=en&q=vw+rabbit+rear+shoulder+belt&_done=%2Fgroup%2Frec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled%2Fbrowse_frm%2Fthread%2F5f9e7df48ec07f40%2Fd56fa6cb0a4083b4%3Ftvc%3D1%26q%3Dvw+rabbit+rear+shoulder+belt%26hl%3Den%26#doc_d56fa6cb0a4083b4
> Person attempting to retrofit Rabbit (don't know year):
> http://groups.google.com/group/rec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled/tree/browse_frm/thread/a223bc2e92791315/8469dafc2ece9e15?rnum=1&hl=en&q=vw+rabbit+rear+shoulder+belt&_done=%2Fgroup%2Frec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled%2Fbrowse_frm%2Fthread%2Fa223bc2e92791315%2F8469dafc2ece9e15%3Ftvc%3D1%26q%3Dvw+rabbit+rear+shoulder+belt%26hl%3Den%26#doc_8469dafc2ece9e15
> In addition to the 2 lapbelt mount points, there needs to be a mount
> point for the loop (I believe that exists behind the headliner
> material).  There also needs to be a mount point for the reel that
> takes up the slack.  In that '86 Golf thread above, someone says that
> mount point is on top of the rear wheel arch.  I can't find such a
> mount point on my '84 Rabbit.
> To the point, has anybody done such a retrofit in an '84 or earlier
> Rabbit?  If so, how?  Or can anybody tell me they tried and failed?
> Thanks!
> Bryan
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