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Thanks for looking Loren.
I have the TD injectors in and will see what happens
in a few hours.

Have to connect up the gas tank neck as I had to
remove the gas tank this week to deal with a leaking
section of steal pipe above my gas tank.  Looks like
the pipes that came with my van from Arkansas that I
restored the body on were no good after all and have
mini rust holes in a small section of the one pipe. 
Of course, I did not have time to get my pipes out of
my old van before taking it to the bone yard.  I did
take these pipes out of this van and inspected, but
did not pressure test to find these mini hoses.  But
this is only about a 2 foot section of pipe towards
the front, I can cut the pipe off and replace with
rubber collant hose.

Will send my 1.9na 130 bar canadian injectors to get
cleaned and inspected

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> In a message dated 10/19/2006 5:55:58 PM Pacific
> Daylight Time, 
> dieseltdi at verizon.net writes:
> > AAZ also came in a NA form.  Hayden
> > 
>   I figured it'd have a different designation like
> the ME and the MF engines.
>   One book lists the AAZ from '93 through '95 and a
> 0 432 217 284 
> injector assy.  It doesn't break down for the
> nozzle.
>   Other book drops at '92 and picks up at '96.  :-P 
> Of course it lists 
> rebuilt, new assy and nozzle numbers!  ;-P  It does
> have an application 
> guide but doesn't list that assy at all. 
>      Loren
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