[Vwdiesel] Headlight switch

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 23 21:19:27 EDT 2006

Thanks for the info.  I'll check the voltage at the tail lights tomorrow.
Got to take a trip up to Chapel Hill for a doctors appointment for my
daughter. If we get back before it is to late I'll throw the multimeter on

The switch was my first guess because if you go from off to parking lights
they work, then to head lights the parking lights go off but the head lights
go on, then back to parking lights they come on and head lights go off and
if you switch back to head lights then they stay on.  Weird but that is how
they are working for not. Untill I get it fixed I just need to make sure
they are on before I leave for work in the mornings.

Val how did you find the switch on Autohauz?  I looked but couldn't find it
even doing a search for switch it came up blank.


My 91 switch is intermittent in headlight mode.  I find the right wiggle 
with the high beams on, looking for the blue light.

I think I found a switch at autohausaz for $20.  Just too cheap.

Nick, if you don't find it there, let  me know, and I'll dig.


> Well I have been told by several individuals at work that I do not have
> tail lights on my 91 ECO jetta.  I went to the car to check and they
> until I turned on the head lights. Then the tail lights went out. I turned
> them back to parking light mode and they came on and when I switched back
> head lights they stayed on.  Any suggestions as to if I can clean the
> or is it a lost cause and I need to get a replacement?  
> I called the dealer and they want $110 for a switch and told me that only
> and 92 jetta switches work. Is that true?  I looked some on line but
> find any. I found all kinds of other switches but no headlight switches.  
> Thanks,
> Nick

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