[Vwdiesel] Headlight switch

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Oct 23 19:39:10 EDT 2006

My 91 switch is intermittent in headlight mode.  I find the right wiggle 
with the high beams on, looking for the blue light.

I think I found a switch at autohausaz for $20.  Just too cheap.

Nick, if you don't find it there, let  me know, and I'll dig.


> Well I have been told by several individuals at work that I do not have any
> tail lights on my 91 ECO jetta.  I went to the car to check and they worked,
> until I turned on the head lights. Then the tail lights went out. I turned
> them back to parking light mode and they came on and when I switched back to
> head lights they stayed on.  Any suggestions as to if I can clean the switch
> or is it a lost cause and I need to get a replacement?  
> I called the dealer and they want $110 for a switch and told me that only 91
> and 92 jetta switches work. Is that true?  I looked some on line but didn't
> find any. I found all kinds of other switches but no headlight switches.  
> Thanks,
> Nick
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