[Vwdiesel] ULSD effect on injector pump... :o{

Gerry Wolfe GerryWolfe at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 29 11:27:59 EST 2006

Canada is moving towards ULSD diesel.  Here on Vancouver Island, seems like this is the only flavour available now.

My injector pump is now leaking / weeping, and I'm weeping too.  (315K km on '91 Jetta TD with MF engine, using Stanadyne / 2stroke oil in 50/50 ratio forever).

I have talked to a couple of diesel pump rebuilders and the dealership, and they are all blaming the ULSD diesel.  They all have the same one-page notice displayed.  Says that conditioners such as Stanadyne can replace the lubricity lost in the refiining, but that the aromatic chains (whatever the heck those are!) are altered, no conditioner can fix this, and pumps may leak as a result.  One of the rebuilders says that o-rings & seals need to be Viton (some sorta space-age material?).  Rebuilder says he is getting about one call per day about seemingly OK pumps starting to leak.

I am quoted about $1000Cdn for parts/labour to rebuild my pump, and about $1200 for an exchange (dealership is in line with the independents).  I have one on back-order from the dealer, it will take 3-4 weeks to deliver, and there is a $100 core exchange charge.  Dealer gives 12month/20Kkm warranty, says new pumps are no longer available, cost about $5000 when they were available.


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