[Vwdiesel] Transmission specs

ken tolbert tolbert192 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 29 13:44:02 EST 2006

After several extensive searches, I appeal to the LIST:

a) I have a 1982 caddy with a Me engine and a GN20091 transmission code. I 
know that it is 4 speed, but none of the tables I found contained a GN code, 
just GC, 1980, GL and GP.
Any help with this one?

b) Purchased engine (A2-1986 Golf, Me engine code, with an ACH28105 
transmission code.
    Info I found states that modifications must be made to install in a A1 
    Problem I have, discovered after I got the engine home, Flange that 
contains upper starter
    bolt hole is broken, the starter bolt still retains the flange. I think 
this can be repaired, right?
    Trying to recover some cost of the engine, by selling stuff I don't need 
or can't use.

c) I am now inspecting everything on the engine, as the donor was totaled.
    Unfortunately, the engine bay wires were all cut. So salvage yard for 


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