[Vwdiesel] HELP - WHEEL FELL OFF !!!

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Sun Oct 29 10:48:36 EST 2006

I seem to recall suggesting you call a lawyer to repair this problem, not a 
mechanic.  You have just discovered that the mechanic doesn`t know how to do 
mechanical repairs.  What have you got to loose?


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> OK, so several days after my mishap (http://93ev.4u2bu.org/ 
> wheeloff.html), everything supposedly repaired, I'm highway driving  and 
> tranny starts popping out of 5th gear
> hmmm
> I hold it in and keep going (tight schedule)
> I stop at a light, try to go from 1st, and nothing
> no engagement
> I push van to side of road and look under
> driver's side axle, the one they just replaced, is pulled away from 
> transaxle again
> tranny fluid leaked out, etc
> trying to figure out:
> - what they did wrong (circlip not installed? drive flange not  examined, 
> maybe damaged? something misaligned? what'd they miss ??)
> - what do I do now? any way to hold axle in somehow, just so I can  get 
> myself somewhere useful? get AAA'd back home? grrrr
> I had called the mechanic when they were doing the work with all my  list 
> of tips and suggestions and make-sure-to's from all my cyber  buddies and 
> he wouldn't even listen - "we're all over it" he said
> yeah, well
> my tranny fluid is all over the side of the road now
> anyway, any further hints very much appreciated
> (writing this from inside the van where I just happen to have  wireless 
> internet from a nearby motel
> bless the information age)
> thanks all
> -- 
> Rolf in MA

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