[Vwdiesel] Strange no-start problem

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 29 22:32:13 EST 2006

are you thinking the neg cable to the head will help with the glow plug. 
thanks, ray

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>One thing I have learned with my Jetta is that having a good ground is the
>first most important thing. Without it you can have all kinds of problems
>and non related to the next and all have different symptoms.
>Glad you found the problem. I wired a 1gage neg from my battery to the bolt
>that holds the starter on. I keep meaning to run one from the same bolt to
>the head just for a good ground but keep getting tied up on other projects.
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>Roger Brown wrote:
> > Trying to get my '82 fired up after being down for a while.  I did have
> > it running from time to time and the last time I tried to start it, I
> > would get the glow plug light to come on briefly then nothing when I
> > went to start.  No click of the starter or anything. And when I turn the
> > key back to off after that, the parking brake light stays on, somewhat
> > dimmed and I still have 12 volts at the fuel pump solenoid.  I have to
> > disconnect the battery at that point to get the brake light to turn off
> > (hearing a relay click off at that point).  I originally thought it may
> > be a weak battery, but after dropping a new one in there, it still does
> > the same thing.
> >
> > I'm thinking a relay may be sticking on somehow, but wondered if anyone
> > has seen something like this before?
>Well, I think I found the problem.  Seemed to be a poor ground connection
>over to the
>block.  Had the battery to the transaxle bracket cable plus a short cable 
>the body but
>I guess with the newly painted transaxle, there was not enough metal-metal
>contact to the
>block.  Added a 24" long, 2ga. side post battery ground strap from the
>transaxle bracket
>to one of the big bellhousing-block bolts.  Tightened it down and now if
>cranks up nice
>and fast.
>     Roger
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