[Vwdiesel] IP Problem, new observations

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Sat Sep 2 09:04:10 EDT 2006

New observations in the mystery IP problem.

Symptoms as previously reported:  Loss of power, when increasing 
power during a shift.  If throttle is released, and then reapplied,
commanded power is delivered.  If not, then the engine idles smoothly
at idle RPM.

Since then #1: Clear line run outside the hood, at a high spot in
the IP inlet fuel supply, to observe any air passage.  There is none.
At WOT (82 MPH, going slightly uphill), there are intermittent
very small bubbles.  Very small, and not many.  At normal driving,
and when this problem occurs, there are no observable bubbles.

Since then #2: While this problem was first noticed in straight 
shifting acceleration, observation of more occurances (perhaps 100
by now), suggests that it is more likely to happen on a shift 
during a left turn.  It will sometimes happen on a straight
(no lateral acceleration force) shift.  I do not recall it happening
at all when turning to the right.


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