[Vwdiesel] Audi 2 VW engine swap

Finn Rod dubdeesel at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 12:30:37 EDT 2006

Hi all... after a long summer without car repairs I'm
back at it again...
Hope all the guys are fine and the new ones are

This is old stuff, but just to be sure (last minute
rush as usual... got to be on the road by next monday
and haven't gone to pick up the engine yet.)

Got a late 80's 1600D out of an Audi, everything still
on it 'cept the intake manifold and filter. 
Sticking it in my '83 Transporter... 
Am I right in thinking it doesn't need anything except
swapping the manifolds, alternator, oil filter, water
pump and sump cover?
The IP will work fine?? Oh yeah and the clutch??

(Of course I'll check injectors, renew glowplugs,
timing belt, valve tolerence etc etc...)

Take care now.... it's good to be back (or is it?? I'm
fixing VW's again!!!!)

rod of finland

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