[Vwdiesel] Oil leaking into water

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 01:11:07 EDT 2006


I am familiar with the cooler you speak of.  In
several years of reading several VW forums, I have
only ever heard of one failing and leaking oil into
the coolant.

However, with VW diesels, it isn't all that uncommon
to have a head gasket fail, and these are common
of a failing head gasket.  I am sorry to break it to

Whichever thing it happens to be, the only thing to do
is replace the part, either the cooler or the gasket.

I suppose you could pull the cooler off and take it to
a radiator shop to have it pressure tested.  If it
leaks, then you are lucky and all you have to do is
replace it and clean out the cooling system.  (The guy
dealing with the one instance of this failure I've
seen used some Dawn to flush the system several times
then gave it a good rinsing.)

However, I'd give you 95% headgasket, and 5% oil

Good luck,


--- Sherwin Goff <sherwingoff at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   Instead of the oil filter spinning onto the
> bracket attached to the engine block, as is normally
> done, my engine has an oil cooler attached first and
> then the oil filter spins onto the oil cooler.
>   On my VW diesel engine there is an oil cooler.
> This oil cooling unit has water hoses connected to
> it so that the engine’s cooling system circulates
> water through the oil cooler. It’s like an added
> unit that the oil filter spins onto. The cooler is
> between the oil filter and the oil filter’s normal
> receiver on the engine’s block. 
>   I’m getting oil in the water. Now, here is my
> questions
>   1. Do these water coolers have a history of
> leaking oil into the water cooling system of the
> engine? 
>   2. Is replacement the only repair process for
> stopping this type of oil cooler leaking oil into
> the water? 
>   3. How would one test this to be sure that the
> leak is coming from the oil cooler instead of from
> some other possible source? 
>   SherwinGoff at yahoo.com.
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