[Vwdiesel] Fueling screw

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Tue Sep 19 01:28:47 EDT 2006

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vbriggs at stny.rr.com writes:

> I'm very satisfied. Prior to turning the screw the golf would 
> smoke like crazy under hard acceleration, so bad in fact, I got stopped 
> on a highway on ramp by a state trooper because it was smoking so bad, 
> granted there were 5 adults in the car with the a/c on, but it was bad. 
> So far that I can see, that has all but stopped.

  So of course NOW I'll pipe in that GENERALLY smoking isn't 
caused by that screw being misadjusted unless you have a good 
idea someone's been tinkering.  The heavy smoking is more likely 
caused from worn injectors and adjusting the screw is merely 
compensating for a problem.  
  Always do injectors, check timing and compression and THEN dink 
with the fueling screw.  You'll get the best mileage AND power that way.  
Otherwise all you're doing is effectively putting a block under your pedal, 
that you'll want to remove after the other stuff is right.  That way the pump
is still in proper calibration.  :-)
  I usually set smoke for just a tad too much then back off a little.  :-)

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