[Vwdiesel] Fueling screw

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Wed Sep 20 00:21:59 EDT 2006

the lock band on mine was already messed with, I do believe it is a 
combination of things between the screw and the injectors as I don't 
really know much of the maintenance history of the golf {I've only had 
this on a bit more than a year now} I needed it because I'm driving 500 
+ miles a week to work. New injectors glow plugs etc are in its future, 
I'm just waiting for my cash flow to improve just a bit more.
On Sep 19, 2006, at 10:45 AM, 82 Diesel Westy wrote:

> Very funny story Terry, glad you did not have added
> Pot smoke coming out of the car as you opened the
> window to great the man......ha, aha,, just joking of
> course.
> that is a very important screw.
> Do most of you just grind off the lock band that is on
> the screw, keeping it from going in to far????
> Just wondering, I think I could turn my fueling up a
> bit but the band is keeping me from doing that?
> Thanks, Bryan
> --- Terry Briggs <vbriggs at stny.rr.com> wrote:
>> Well after dealing with all the smoke and soot
>> buildup on the back of
>> the na golf, I did some archive searching and
>> figured I'd give it a try
>> by adjusting the fueling screw just a little. I went
>> out and gave it a
>> 1/4 turn out and I was amazed at the result, just a
>> little puff of
>> smoke on start up, very minor smoke at very hard
>> acceleration that
>> stops completely as soon as you lift your foot and
>> settle to cruising
>> speed. I' may take it back in 1/8th turn and see
>> what happens, but for
>> now, I'm very satisfied. Prior to turning the screw
>> the golf would
>> smoke like crazy under hard acceleration, so bad in
>> fact, I got stopped
>> on a highway on ramp by a state trooper because it
>> was smoking so bad,
>> granted there were 5 adults in the car with the a/c
>> on, but it was bad.
>> So far that I can see, that has all but stopped.
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