[Vwdiesel] air in fuel line

Evans Antoniou ev32amd at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 11 02:01:15 EDT 2007

hello all,

i have a 96 jetta with 1.9TD AAZ engine.

i have a question regarding air in my fuel line.

i have placed transparent hose  to see where the
problem might be starting from.

at this point i have noticed that when the car is
running normally there are tiny boubles in the fuel
line but when i increase the rpm to the max for a
split second large air pockets are coming out of the
filter.  all the hoses are tight and the filter is
about 8 months old.

one of the troubleshooting steps i performed was to
disconnect the feedline from the filter and force air
in the tank in case there was something jammed
somewhere in the fuel line but i was not able to force
air into the tank! is there a one way valve anywhere
in the system?

if the problem is the filter can I use a filter that
does not have the "T" and just create a union for the
return  going to the tank like the early 1.6L engine

thanks for the help,



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