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sounds good, I have a press, any idea what the bearing numbers are that 
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>> any advice on changing front wheel bearings that doesn't require just
>> replacing the entire hub ? They got the bearings in there, there has 
>> to
>> be a way to press them out...
>> 86' golf.
>   Just did it on the Passat, nearly identical.  There's two ways to do 
> it.
> One is an "on the car" press that uses cups, plates and a threaded rod 
> to
> "pull" the bearing out and press the new one in.  The other way is to 
> pull the
> knuckle out  and use a press of vise and large sockets or what have 
> you.  Press
> out the hub which will take one inner race with it and destroy the 
> bearing.
> Press out the outer race and remainder of the bearing.  Cold chissel 
> the inner
> race away from the hub (pound into straight down between the two) 
> until you get
> a gap.  A friend's shop usually uses two pry bars and then "pops" the 
> race off
> the hub in a few tries.  I didn't have time so I fired up the torch 
> and cut
> it.  I've used a grinder too to cut most of the way through the race 
> then split
> it and pop it off.
>   Press the new bearing into the knujckle (there's snap ringe inner 
> and outer
> btw.  Then SUPPORT THE INNER RACE while you seat the hub from the 
> other side.
>  Failure to fully support the race from the back will ruin the bearing!
>   Put the hub/knuckle assy. back in the car and align.  Or mark the 
> strut
> location well and you might get away without alignment.
>     Loren
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