[Vwdiesel] front wheel bearings

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Thu Apr 12 16:23:30 EDT 2007

> I have had one that was to the point of crushing the hub (30T press)
> Sometimes you can't just press stuff, you have to clever it a bit. Next 
> one falls out...

	VERY good point.  The first FWB I did, before I owned a 
	press.  The shop I took it do did it in a 50T press.

	Every 10 to 12K miles after that I kept replacing the 
	same bearing.  Then I got smart, and replaced the hub with
	one from a junker.  The next bearing was still in 200K kiles
	later when I retired the car.

	Although I could never prove it, or even measure it, I theorized
	that the 50T press somehow did something that soured that hub.

	I've never had a problem like that again.

> If you have liquid nitrogen that is the super slickness.  Used it a few 
> times, man, parts just fall together.  Good for warts too. :-)

	Just be careful not to tap the bearing at liquid N2 temps.
	The seal might shatter.


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