[Vwdiesel] waterpump removal advice requested

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Fri Apr 13 11:07:20 EDT 2007

I got a set of "S" wrenches from Harbor Freight for about $10US as I
recall. Clicker wrenches are even better for A/C bracket/compressor
removal once you get the bolts broken free.


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Hey Ray-

I had a hard time finding an "S" wrench around here, though Manhattan is
considerably smaller than Chicago.

Instead, I went to O'Reilys and purchased an inexpensive 13mm wrench
with a 12-pt box end.  I then had it heated up with an oxy torch and had
the handle bent into a C shape.

Worked great to get the a/c bracket off!  I didn't need any other
special wrenches at all to remove the bracket, though the compressor had
been removed from the bracket.  I'm not even sure what an "obstruction"
wrench is.


--- raymond greeley <rgreeley2 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello All, the pump failed in january and i parked the car. Now 
> chicago is a litlle warmer and I am at it.
> Archives referred me to a site at 4crawler where the thread recommends

> taking the complete waterpump housing off getting at the upper two ac 
> bracket bolts using an obstruction wrench for the left hand and a "s" 
> wrench for the right.
> My question: from those who have completed this repair,. is there a 
> tool supplier that seems to work better that others ( better bend,.
> size, etc)
> Also, Is there a source for pumps that works out better. Autozone has 
> one with brass fins. I would normaly go to autohaus, though here i 
> feel the need to match up parts and fit.
> I long to have my vw back. My back up is a gasser thats running rich, 
> yuk!
> ray
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