[Vwdiesel] Exhaust manifold studs

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Mostly it's the Studs backing out, I use new self locking nuts each time.
In fact when I take them out the Stud backs out with the Nut intact, have to
put the Stud in a vice and back the Nut off which usually ruins the Stud.
Thanks for the suggestions.


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Wow, usually the problem is getting exhaust parts apart!

I don't know of a Locktite or similar product which works at those high
temps.  In fact, heat is often used to free locking compounds.

If it's the nuts falling off, I'd suggest safety wiring, or cotter pinning
the nut, to prevent backout.

if you can't get safety wire nuts, just drill a very small hole through the
stud, and run a small cotter pin through the stud, preventing the nut from
backing off.


> 84 Jetta Turbo Diesel.  I'm wondering if anyone has used or know of 
> any problems that may come up from using Lock Tight on the Exhaust
> Studs?   I replaced the Studs and Nuts and Washers twice now and both
> they rattle loose, takes about a year each time.
> I use new locking Nuts each time so I think the problem is the Studs 
> backing out of the Head.  First time I just removed the Turbo and 
> Manifolds to fix, second time it was easier to just pull the engine 
> and Transmission to, either way it's a lot of work.
> Rudy
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