[Vwdiesel] Exhaust manifold studs

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 19 15:10:48 EDT 2007

I suspect Rudy is using synthetic engine oil, and has a small valve 
cover leak.  That happens with the stuff.  My 89 Jetta wouldn't keep 
them in at all, nor would the VC gasket keep the 0-40 synth in very well 
If you try loctite, look it up on the chart, there is some higher heat 
stuff, but the head where the studs screw in may get too hot still.
Make sure there is no VC gasket leak, clean clean clean, reinstall.  You 
could use corn syrup to install.  It should burn up to enough carbon 
juice to seize them in there. :-]

jonathan hoehl wrote:
> I put the studs into the head with conventional motor oil - thinking it 
> would coke-up with the heat - then torqued the nuts gently.  After a few 
> heat cycles re-torqued - again, gently!  Don't know if anything in 
> particular helped, but they've stayed put.
> Jon
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