[Vwdiesel] TDI non-start

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 19 15:17:26 EDT 2007

Yeah, that sounds intermittent electrical.  For sure not compression 
Val.  I would suspect it's similar on Shalyn's rig as well.
You're sure you have fuel on cranking Val?  I wonder if the fuel is 
immediate, or if there's a leakdown problem when it's parked, and the 
injectors don't see fuel right away.

Val Christian wrote:
> Shalyn,
> Try changing the glow time to a longer time, and see if the 
> glow light stays on.  That would at least give you a spot
> check on some level of ECM functioning.  Then you could switch 
> back.
> I'm working a start issue on my 03 Jetta, which is getting 
> progressively worse.  I even tested the 4 year old battery.
> My test showed OK (heck, it'll crank for 3 or 4 minutes!),
> so I took it to AZ, and their computer tester shows it as 
> OK as well.  The glows are OK, I lengthed the glow time.
> I believe the compression is good (economy is good).  The engine
> is getting fuel, because before it starts, there's a fuel fog.
> I bought a new adapter, and will compression check, but I
> believe that will be a waste of time.  In my case, the irony
> is that it can be lifeless, cranking away, and then it will just
> fire up.  You can get full power, and there's no rough running.
> The problem has been growing for several years, and 60K miles,
> so one of these days it just won't work, and I can figure out
> the real problem.
> All the common theories about injectors, compression, etc, I have
> a hard time believing, because on a good day (no rain, snow),
> taking a long interstate trip, it will do about 60 mpg tank to 
> tank.
> Good luck.
> Val
>> I'm finding that most of the time I'm spending on this problem are 
>> perusing the manual and the archives at TDIClub.com instead of in the 
>> driveway with a wrench. 
>> I've established that there is some kind of ECM or other electrical 
>> problem, most likely.  Neither the check engine or glow plug lights come 
>> on when the key is turned to the "on" position.  This apparently 
>> indicates that there is no power to the ECM or that the ECM is hosed. 
>> Not that I know why that would be.  The 109 relay is brand new.  There 
>> has been some other weirdness lately.  Some of the adaptations I had 
>> made w/ VAG-COM have reset themselves to factory settings a couple of 
>> times and I've had to re-adjust the idle fueling. 
>> -Shalyn
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