[Vwdiesel] A Question About Terminology and Procedure Order

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Fri Apr 20 18:16:43 EDT 2007

1. Yes

2. Valve lash can subtly change valve timing, but valve timing does not
change valve lash. Something else to think about; the method by which
these engines are cam-timed (a plate/bar/tool at the back of the head),
It is irrelevant which you do first.

2+ IP timing is done irrespective of cam timing as well. Think of this,
the IP pulley is held in relation to the crank pulley. IP timing is done
with respect to crank (flywheel) position.

IHMO, Valve lash doesn't really change a whole lot between checking
intervals. The valves wear at the face of the valve, which tightens
lash, and wear occurs at the cam lobe/tappet face, which tends to loosen
lash. Valve lash slightly off is not really a big deal. But, Valve
timing is indeed a big deal. There is so little clearance between valve
and piston, a couple of degrees off can spell disaster.


Bryan K. Walton wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> 	I've got a quick question about some terminology as it
> pertains to our VW diesels:
> 1. When one checks/adjusts the "valve lash", is that the same thing as
> "checking and/or adjusting the valves"?
> 2. Should valve timing be checked/adjusted before doing a valve
> adjustment?  How about before checking/adjusting IP timing?  (In other
> words, could the valve timing being out of spec affect valve
> clearances and/or IP timing?)
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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