[Vwdiesel] 65 Impala SS Duramax

Bob Soukup bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu
Mon Apr 23 16:33:18 EDT 2007

You can bet that most of the $$$$ spent on the Impala gets written off 
as advertising.

I just checked the Galpin Motor Sports site at 
http://www.galpinautosports.com and found lots of related advertising.

Also, I passed by a "pimped" van parked in my neighborhood today and 
noticed the Galpin logo on it.  The van has a  "sparkly" gold paint job 
with a "Las Vegas" theme.

Hey, maybe I ought'a have them "pimp" my '81 Rabbit Truck!  I probably 
can't afford it.

Bob Soukup

Nick wrote:
> Well I watched the show.  They sure do throw some money into those vehicles.
> That paint job looked great.  Here is what they did, stuffed the new Duramax
> and Allison transmission into the Impala, had to cut the firewall and floor
> tunnel out to fit it. The engine put out 800hp and 1400lbft of torque. Does
> 3.5 second 0-60, got 25mpg on B100.  That shows technology is there we just
> need to implement it. That car probably now weights in at 4200lbs easy with
> that engine and tranny in it.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the show also to
> show what can be done to promote biofuels and break the habit of fossil
> fuels. They even explained some on how biodiesel is made from canola seeds
> to the tank. The owner of the car got a years free supply of B100 as well.
> They ran it against a Ferrari and it smoked it. There seemed to be room
> under the hood as well. The intercooler fit nicely in front of the radiator.
> Nick

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