[Vwdiesel] when it rains it pours

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On the 85 and later Golf they use a large steel washer and a rubber disc
about a half inch thick, it goes on the outside and the clutch cable goes
thru it, takes the place of that wimpy frame support on the pedal cluster.


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So, thanks to help from the list, I got connected with an ECM.  It will
arrive in a couple of days.  I then hopped into the trusty old '85 TD to get
to work thankful that I have a backup car.  Except that it won't quit
backing up.  The frame that supports the clutch pedal broke in three places
while I was going down the driveway and I couldn't therefore disengage the
clutch to get it out of reverse.  The rest of the day was spent discovering
that this is a part VW did not ever intend to be replaced.  Fortunately,
there's a muffler shop a bike ride away that has a MIG welder.  At least I
now know why the clutch seemed spongy for the longest time....

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