[Vwdiesel] Strut bearing R&R

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Apr 25 00:41:20 EDT 2007

Actually, if the alignment was good before, you can get pretty dead on 
by cleaning the strut assembly at the bottom where it attaches to the 
hub assy. (where the two bolts go in where it comes apart) at the 
bottom, and spraying on fresh light colored paint- white for instance. 
You can put it back together exactly like it was then.  I've done this a 
couple times and when checking the alignment after, was spot on.  It 
works, with the usual disclaimer,YMMV.

Easiest way to get tie rods out if you have to do so is to use two 
hammers, hit the metal they go into on either side at exactly the same 
time.  the hammers don't even have to be very big- the shock pops the 
tapered end out of the hole. I detest pullers, they usually break more 
than they save, especially the pickle forks. The tapered bolt pulls in 
pretty hard even without road salt, and the hammer trick never fails. 
One tip is to NEVER hit the threaded end of the bolt, or it turns to 
junk. If you have a big chunk of brass or better UHMW polyurethane round 
stock or a lead hammer to use as a big driver on threaded stuff.

Tony and Lillie wrote:
> Just did the front struts on the Jetta, pretty easy really. Start with the 
> wheels on the ground. Loosen the lug bolts and the CV nut first. Then, put 
> it in the air and pull the wheel.
> At this point there are two ways to go. One requires alignment, but is much 
> simpler. The other is a bit more work. I always have an alignment done 
> afterwards, so I do it the simpler way. Just my .02
> Way # 1: (Simpler) Pull the two bolts that hole the steering knuckle to the 
> strut assy. Remove the brake line from it's holder on the strut.
> Way # 2: Pull the ball joint through bolt. It is a 17mm bolt and nut. Then, 
> pull the tie rod end out. A tie rod puller is the easiest way to do this. 
> Pull the CV nut off and remove the Brake caliper from it's bracket. Pry down 
> on the lower control arm to pop it out of the lower housing.
> (Both ways - finish the job) Pull the two 13mm nuts off the top, and out it 
> comes. Then, with a spring compressor in place, remove the 7/8" nut at the 
> top, and swap out the strut bearing. Reassembly is the reverse of removal.
> For this job, I usually have to use some heat to make a few things easier. I 
> just use a simple propane torch.
> Hope this helps,
> Tony Hoffman
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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] Strut bearing R&R
>> Hello all-
>> I need to replace one of the strut bearings on the
>> Cabriolet.
>> Anyone have any hints, tips, or tricks to make it a
>> smoother job?
>> Thanks,
>> David 
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