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  Do you know if all (major brands)synthetic oils will give you those results that Cennex does in a diesel?
  Reason being, I'm in B.C. Canada ,and we don't always have the same brands as other countries (I don't know where you're from).

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> That could be. The way I've heard it described is that the lighter
> vis keeps a more turbulent flow in the boundry between the rings
> and lands. Loren, you're suggesting that it could be a more chemical
> than physical effect. I don't know but I could be convinced either 
> way. Hence the interest in peer reviewed articles.
> Val

A friend's neighbor bought a van cheap because it used a LOT 
of oil, like a quart every 50 to 100 miles! He put synthetic in it. 
Had to add a few quarts then it quit using. Ran it a couple 
thousand, put good dino back in it, drove it a while and sold it 
for a heafty profit. Stuck rings due to carbon and the synthetic 
cleaned it out. Engines I've run Cennex in and torn down only 
had the slightest ambering near rings and exhaust crossovers, 
otherwise clean as if it'd been tanked! No brown connecting rods 
and yellow pistons, just cast gray and semi shiny aluminum. :-)
I figure both tend to clean out more carbon than they contribute 
while burning (low ash or with syn, doesn't burn at that temp) thus 
cleaning up the mess. :-)

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