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> Move the bucket until the string just touches the rear half of the front
> tire. We now have a straight line extending the full wheelbase of the car,
> showing the toe-in of the front wheel, in relation to the rear wheel.
> This is assuming that the rears have the same track width, and are
> centered.. (possibly a rash assumption.)

  On a solid axle (rwd) car that would work well providing the 
axle's in there straight, they sometimes aren't.  The VW rears 
just bolt on behind the hub and can be out of whack.  When I've 
had a 4-wheel alignment done on my Rabbit and Jetta, both were 
off on camber and toe pretty good on one rear.  Something like 
2 - 3 degrees on one of them.  Tapered shims are then put behind 
to "square" things up.  Once that's been done they should be good 
to judge by unless the rear gets whacked.
  Still going to get you really close.  Great idea!  :-)

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