[Vwdiesel] Getting closer to be ready to start my 92 Eco TD

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Yes it can spin with a drill no problem. I want to say you spin it clock
wise. I did mine when I put my fresh rebuilt engine together and watched the
oil come up and out around my lifters. Good way to prime the system on a
fresh rebuild.


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I got a few hours last night to myself and headed to
the garage, lower timing belt cover, all sprocket's
and A/C, P/S and Alt. belts are back on the motor. 
Rebuilt and tested injectors are fresh back from
diesel shop and in, fuel rails are on.

Now, can I still take out the vacuum pump and spin my
oil pump to build up some oil pressure before starting
her up?  The intermediate shaft will not turn because
my timing belt is on.  Can the oil pump shaft turn
without having to turn the intermediate shaft, I would
think NO.
If I can spin it without it having to spin the
intermediate shaft, what direction do I spin it,
clockwise or counter clockwise.

I know this has been talked about before, but could
not find anything about the intermediate shaft bit.

Thanks, Bryan

Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
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