[Vwdiesel] Alternate Jack Locations

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Aug 11 01:54:09 EDT 2007

> BTW, my new-to-me Jetta TD has full-wheel hubcaps.  I see one's been
> damaged by prying on the outer edge.  What's the secret to extracting
> these?

There are two small holes on the periphery of the hubcap.  Use some 
stiff wire, like welding wire, or better some stainless welding wire. 
Cut a 3-ish inch long piece.  bend it in the middle so it wraps on 
itself, but goes around a fairly stout screwdriver shank... and the ends 
are spaced same as the two holes- like a tall "U".  Now bend it again at 
90 degrees a half inch from the end, so you have two parallel fishhook 
looking things, still spaced same as your two holes in the hubcap.

insert the two prongs into then hubcap, put screwdriver blade through 
the loop, and against the tire, lever the cap off.  No dents.

The tool kit is supposed to have that tool in with it.


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