[Vwdiesel] Dead petrol

Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at buckeye-express.com
Mon Aug 13 07:39:51 EDT 2007

At 01:15 PM 8/12/2007, you wrote:
>In my 1970 Bedford CF gasser camper I have between 5 and 10 gallons of
>'dead' gasoline. It's been stood for some 2 years. We don't get algae over
>here but I guess crucial volatile vapours have dissipated. Stopping it from
>igniting with a spark plug. Rather than waste it can I add some quantity of
>multigrade oil and stuff it down my Quantum TD?
The owners manual for my 1982 German-assembled Jetta suggested mixing 
gasoline with diesel fuel to avoid winter gelling, if commercial 
winter-grade fuel was not available. I THINK the ratio was about a gallon 
of gasoline to 4 gallons of summer-grade diesel....but I am working with a 
very old memory and an aging set of brain cells.

So, I can tell you that about 20 years ago the manufacturer said it was OK 
to add gasoline to diesel fuel, as you propose....but don't remember 
(precisely) the approved ratio.

Bottom line.....Maybe  the conservative way would be to dilute diesel fuel 
with small amounts of dead gasoline, such as a gallon of gasoline to 8-10 
gallons of diesel.


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