[Vwdiesel] Dead petrol; deeper dig :o)

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Tue Aug 14 18:48:39 EDT 2007

The President wrote:
> Ah yes it's always worth listening to Farmer Joe ;o)
> In fact it's always worth listening to everyone just in case...
> Ok I'm quite happy to find another use for this stuff; but I'd like to find 
> out  more of the science and physics of the  problem. Assuming no actual 
> soiling of the petroleum; what's the difference between good stuff and bad 
> stuff?
> Here's a few thoughts:
> Gasoline must work in a gasser by reliance of a kind of fuse or detonator 
> lit by a spark to start the burning that has now evaporated in this old 
> stuff.
> I wonder what substance  'X' is? :o)
> I wonder if a stronger spark would help?
> It will definitely burn on a bonfire etc so we're not talkin' flat coke 
> here!.
> Has this stuff simply become 'thin' diesel and will actually perform better 
> under 23:1 diesel conditions? Maybe preheating is the answer? Higher 
> compression in a gasser?
> Do the doubters actually think it won't burn? Can the doubters put their 
> finger on the essence of their doubt?
> Definitely too thin for the I/P but why not add wax or veg or oil. What 
> about a viscosity test to match it with diesel..[or, make it better than the 
> cr*p the Americas seem to be getting these days]
> I bet there's lots of it lying around waiting for some clever dick to 
> exploit this stuff...
> Regards
> Mark

I had about 1/2 gallon of ~2 year old gas (mixed w/ oil for a 2-stroke) and dumped that 
into a tank full of diesel and it seemed to burn just fine.



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