[Vwdiesel] Fw: Dead petrol

Ron Schroeder rjs at bnl.gov
Wed Aug 15 07:48:07 EDT 2007

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I am finally ready to start my 92 Eco Diesel with
1.6TD that I have been working on in ALL my spare time
for the past 14 months.
The fuel is darker than my fresh diesel for sure.  I
am pretty sure it is in the area of 2 years old.

** Does this dark colored fuel indicate algee in
Anyone, I have never exp. algee in diesel fuel in NJ.

I found a great trick for draining fuel from the tank,
jack up the back of the car 2 feet.  The water
evaperator thing will gravity drain it, slowly.....
Mine had most likely never been opened, it made lots
of ugly noises when I opened it, but it opened and
closed fine many times and does not leak.

I took about 6 gallons out, put 3 gallons in 1 car and
3 gals. in the vanagon.  Put 4.5 gallons of fresh
diesel back in the tank.  Now, will mighty vac some
fresh fuel up to the injection pump and the key will
be turning this evening.

Nick, thanks again for your help as well, I will be
needed the seat belt wiring work around from you as
well, mine still works, but I want to by-pass all that

Bryan, NJ

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