[Vwdiesel] Bad fuel guage?????

Doug Ferguson hwy9fergs at comcast.net
Fri Aug 31 16:04:03 EDT 2007

Ray, I've found that this problem is often caused by a fracture in the traces on the back of the circuit card (ribbon).  Because it flexes, (note vibrating diesel engine at idle)  the traces can break.  On two different occasions on two different cars, I've soldered a small wire to bypass the circuit where it broke.  It can be VERY hard to see the break in the circuit trace, and often times the problem is intermittent.  You may have to use a meter to narrow it down, whilst flexing the card around.  Also, unfortunately, the circuit cards in the gas cars are different.  Good luck, Doug Ferguson

>>>>>>>I am going to return to a local auto salvage yard saturday.I see cluster 
carcuses strewn about most times, peoplecannibalizing speedo parts. I will see 
if i can remove a fuel gauge safely before i attempt same on my cluster.I 
thought other vw models may be similar though have found differences, not with 
same year different models but with one or two year newer, different modelsI 
purchased this car  as a diesel recipient then determinedit too valuable to tear 
appart. It is a low mileage car and I wanted to keep the original cluster 
showing this mileage,other wise i would change out the entire cluster. ray> 

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