[Vwdiesel] Cheap tomorrow?

Chris Geiser geiserfam at sprintpcs.com
Wed Dec 5 19:13:29 PST 2007

It's criminal the way the transportation fund gets diverted to other
"causes".  If there's extra, cut the tax - make other expenditures justify
their own costs instead of hiding it in a revenue shift.  The current WI
governor is king of doing this.


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Don't know how it is where you are Ron, but when taxes are a percentage 
of fuel cost like they are here, the oil company or the government, or 
BOTH could damn near give away cars much like they almost give away low 
end printers now, and quickly recoup their invesment through fuel sales.

Try not to forget, government types make all sorts of excuses that heavy 
trucks are to blame for bad roads, so need to pay more road tax.  THEY 
ALREADY ARE. they burn waaay more fuel, like 10mpg on a good day, 6mpg 
on a bad one, so on a per mile basis, are already paying quite  alot of 
road tax.

If fuel taxes were actually spent on road construction and maintenance 
rather than being diverted to the great lard trough, we would have much 
better roads.

I think that the oil companies have had a much more supply managed 
stance in the last few years than they ever had as well.


Ron Schroeder wrote:
> One reason for the higher price of  Diesel is because of higher road
> The primary users of on road diesel are trucks which cause more road
> per gallon of fuel burned than the average gas vehicle, hense a higher
> tax per gallon.
> A number of years ago, I got a tax credit based on the higher road tax
> I bought my Audi diesel.  The tax credit was for NEW diesel cars and light

> trucks and was equal to the expected higher taxes over the life of the 
> vehicle.  I don't know if the credit is still in effect..
> Ron 
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