[Vwdiesel] sparks out the tailpipe

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
Mon Dec 10 15:08:01 PST 2007

Well this is a new one on me.  Break down of my vehicle, a 91 ECO jetta that
the 1.6L was rebuilt 30k miles ago.  Had the IP rebuilt by Superior
Injection in Canada, a "Giles" pump, he removed the governor, and added some
extra tricks to it supposedly.  Had my K14 turbo completely rebuilt and
added a 2.5"  downpipe and exhaust system all the way back through a 2.5"
flowmater muffler. I drive back and forth to work one way 21miles and drive
sensible, keeping it at 55mph and no hard starting and stopping.  Well ok on
occasion I wind the gears out.  Anyway, the other night while traveling in
the country going to a nursing home with the church group to sing Christmas
carols I was at the tail end of the line when a big truck came up fast
behind me. So I was going 55 and punched it and ran it up to about 80, it
was a long straight away. Well when I left off the gas I noticed a bunch,
and I mean a bunch of sparks coming out of the tail pipe, some were pretty
large in size and lasted at least 15ft or more behind the jetta until they
went out. It surprised me to see so many if any sparks coming out of the
exhaust when I left off the throttle.  Is it normal for this to happen? I do
not have an EGT gage and wish I did, Boost was maxed out at 12psi for about
20 seconds or so.


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