[Vwdiesel] Why so noisy?

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Dec 10 21:24:52 PST 2007

All the combustion happens in a precombustion chamber really close tot 
eh side of the head, where the injector goes in.  It's a lot more of a 
detonation than a burn compared to a gas motor as well- think of a 
"dieseling" rattle in a gasser when timed wrong or a few other scenarios 
when it fires early.  A diesel fires early ever time.

The new ones are direct injection motors, so the combustion process 
happens inside the motor, on top of the piston, where there is a 
depression the injector shoots into that mimics the precombustion 
chamber in the early motors.  COnsider it muffled.
That and the injection period is lengthened considerably, with multiple 
pulse injection so there isn't one big kablooie, more of an extended 
burn cycle to reduce emissions.

Andrew Buc wrote:
> What exactly produces the characteristic diesel clatter, anyway? And  
> what have they done to quiet the new generation of diesels?
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