[Vwdiesel] dead Rabbit

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Tue Dec 11 14:48:46 PST 2007


in my defense, I can say that I at least figured this out sitting on  
the couch before I went and confirmed it
yes, it does need a new starter
but it was also pointing uphill when I tried to start it
and pointing uphill when I tried to pop-start it in reverse
and pointing uphill when I tried to tow-start it going forward

so when I pushed it around and coasted downhill frontward it did  
crisis over, no engine damage, just effectively out of gas b/c on an  
incline w/ low fuel in the tank

anyway, does anyone have a good starter for an '81 Rabbit they want  
to sell?
from the dealer they cost almost as much as the car


Rolf in MA

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