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Hi Nick;
	I have never had a VW as new as a 91 Jetta but I have had many
different Rabbits and the heaters worked pretty good till the weather gets
cold. Try Wyoming in the winter in a Rabbit and you better hope you have a
good lap robe plus toasty shoes and gloves. Been there done that many times
and will be going to Texas from Washington State in early January in my 1981
Dasher diesel station wagon. The 50 mpg is great and down comforter will
keep me comfortable.
Brian Decker

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My 91 ECO jetta pumps out heat in as little as 2 miles down the road, by the
time I hit 3 it is running at normal temps. The heat coming from the heater
I relate to the coolant running straight from the head to the heater core,
but then I could be wrong but it makes sense. All I know is it gets nice and
toasty quick and I don't mind one bit. :)


  I've had two different Rabbits come to me that had 107-A 
pumps and were timed to .88mm.  Ran really sluggy.  Never 
had one run hot from timing issues but then I alway set the 
timing right!  Did drive ONE, an '81 that was cranking out 
good heat in just a few blocks.  I was leary that it had a 
blown head gasket and price was a little too high anyway.
This was long ago before I achieved Guru status.  ;-D

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